ED&F Man Liquid Products (MLP) is the leading global trader of molasses and associated products. We are also the world’s largest distributor of molasses based liquid animal feeds as well as being leaders in beet pulp pellets and fish oil. We directly and indirectly feed over 20 million animals per day, forming a key part of global livestock production as well as also fuelling the fermentation industry. Drawing on our long history in molasses trading and feed production, we aim to be the world’s best supply partner.

Our expertise spans molasses and sugar co-product sourcing, animal feed manufacture, shipping and logistics, quality control, risk management, technical and nutritional expertise. Our network of trade and distribution offices makes us the global leader in our sectors.

MLP in

Tonnes of feed per year
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Sustainably feeding the future

MLP’s business model revolves around upcycling and elimination of waste. Additionally, we have a sustainability strategy focussed on responsible sourcing, improving livelihoods, environmental stewardship and governance.