Monthly we track the use of energy and water on all our product processing locations globally, as well as the waste generated. This program encompasses all Scope 1 and 2 emissions, and some Scope 3 emissions with the aim to reduce the carbon footprint of our busineses.

In 2023 we have the intention to expand our Scope 3 measurement capability, to include emissions up and down the supply chain (product transport, business travel, etc). Per MT processed, since FY14/15 we have achieved significant reductions in fossil energy use (-39% per MT) and carbon emissions (-35% per MT), while the product volume processed grew by 9% over this same period. This is achieved through environmental awareness training, switching from to grey to green renewable electricity, insulating storage tanks, replacing old boilers with new, installing solar power, and eliminating inefficiencies in equipment and installations. We plan to further reduce our carbon footprint through targeted metrics and actions over the coming year as part of our MLP Sustainability Strategy.

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