We provide supply chain assurance and reduce sourcing risks by evaluating social and environmental considerations when sourcing products and managing supplier relations. We have programs and policies in place to responsibly source the vast majority of our ingredients and products with targets underway to responsibly source 100% of our products.

Responsible sourcing” means that our suppliers have signed our Supplier Code of Conduct and have completed our detailed quality, food safety, and sustainability questionnaire to our satisfaction. MLP has set a threshold for its product and service suppliers to meet, as a minimum requirement. This allows us to have supplier performance visibility, align customer and supplier business practices, diminish supply chain risk, and improve the social and environmental performance of suppliers.

We have several product and supply chain certifications such as ISCC, MarinTrust, Bonsucro and others to ensure and demonstrate our commitment to high quality, trusted products.

Our Bonsucro Involvement

ED&F Man was a founding member of Bonsucro (formerly Better Sugarcane Initiative) and has a long history of supporting sustainable sugarcane initiatives through Bonsucro. ED&F Man Liquid Products’ Director of Sustainability and Quality was recently reelected to represent ED&F Man on the Bonsucro Members Council and served as the Chair of the Members Council and a Director of the Board from 2019-2022. While on the Board, ED&F Man was asked to serve in the following additional capacities: Finance and Risk Committee, Human Resources & Remuneration Committee, Strategy Steering Committee. We currently serve on Bonsucro’s Living Wage Task Force.


Since its conception ED&F Man was involved as founding member of the International Carbon & Certification Scheme, or in short ISCC, and was one of the first companies achieving this sustainability certification. ISCC is a globally applicable sustainability certification system and a multi-stakeholder initiative, covering all sustainable feedstocks, including agricultural and forestry biomass, circular and bio-based materials and renewables for feed, food, energy and industrial applications. ISCC is a member of the UN Global Compact, and supports major international initiatives such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals, The Paris Climate Agreement and waste prevention. ISCC certified product meets legal and industry requirements on zero-deforestation, protection of and with high biodiversity, protection of soil and water, compliance with human rights, reduction of carbon emissions, traceability and ensures compliance with laws and international treaties.


Operating as an independent 3rd party programme that rewards best practice and raises industry standards, the MarinTrust standard allows producers and traders of marine ingredients to be accountable and demonstrate that their raw materials are responsibly produced and responsibly sourced, from well managed fisheries. The MarinTrust Standard is an industry led, robust, credible and accessible tool that ensures traceability and eliminates illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing. ED&F Man embraced this standards as one of the first fish oil and fish meal traders when the programme initially started in 2010, now recognised by the global value chain, embedded in sourcing policies, supported by NGOs, and both ISO and ISEAL compliant.


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