Westway wins ‘Facility of the year’ award

The American Feed Industry Association recognised Westway Feed Products’ Houston, Texas feed manufacturing plant as the 2023 Liquid Feed Facility of the Year. This award was recently presented at the 2023 Liquid Feed Symposium in Louisville, Kentucky.

Receiving the award and representing his team was the Houston Plant Manager, Tommy Flowers. The plant produces feed mill products (used to manufacture livestock pelleted and textured feeds), dairy (used to provide liquid sugars, help reduce ration sorting, improve forage utilisation and add nutritional benefits), and beef (used to provide liquid sugars, as a carrier for protein and other nutrients and to help improve forage utilisation) liquid feed supplements. Last year the Houston facility produced and shipped 148,000 tons.

The company keeps detailed tracking of quality and productivity performance. In the last year the plant’s team improved productivity by 10%, decreased labour costs by $3.44 / ton and increased tons by man hours by 5.13. The Westway team also installed two new mixing tanks in an effort to improve mixing performance and efficiency. At the plant and integral to their success is a focus on employee training and safety programmes.

When asked about the award Flowers said, “I am extremely proud of our team. They have focused on the company’s strategies of safety, customer centricity and performance excellence. We have all worked together to make improvements, provide excellent quality products and produce liquid feed supplements and mill products that help our customers to succeed.”

Westway Feed Products’ Houston plant is one of 25 liquid feed manufacturing facilities across the U.S, Canada, and Mexico. As the largest livestock liquid feed company in the world, Westway is a research leader in the liquid feed industry and provides supplements to the beef, dairy, feedlot, and industrial segments. They utilise co-products from other industries to create products that support upcycling of forages. This co-product concept is the foundation for Westway’s respected sustainability story.

To learn more visit www.westwayfeed.com, call 1-800-800-7517 or find Westway Feed Products on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

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